Scandal la universitatea "Traian Ponta"?

O știre care la noi nu a prea răzbătut are trei componente, ambele notabile:
1. În Turcia există o universitate numită după actualul lor "șef de stat"
2. La acea universitate, anunțurile despre niște posturi scoase la concurs au fost din greșeală publicate cu tot cu numele candidaților care urmează să le câștige.
3. Scandalul rezultat a dus la demisii.

Nu știu dacă avem ceva de învățat de acolo. Încă nu avem o universitate "Traian Băsescu" sau "Victor Ponta" (sau "Traian Ponta", să nu fim părtinitori), nu se publică numele candidaților pentru care sunt scoase posturile la concurs - dar parcă la capitolul asumare mai este loc de reflectat.


  1. Very interesting and touchy subject, Radu! Whenever a new position is created with a profile in mind fair and open competition is possible but that is seldom the case. In real life most times a position is created for a person who has already been working 'de facto' in that position so competition is unfair, but what is the other possible outcome? a person is left without a job (let us not forget that science is not a calling but a job and a source of employment for us), a person who paved the way for a newcomer to harvest it all.
    The academic system is outdated; there are no longer a few scientists competing but rather hundredths of thousands! Tenure is also a touchy subject but I will wait for you to address it first :)
    Numai bine!

  2. Aye! I have witnessed in western countries as well, and in top 500 universities too. The way our law goes around here, is that if you are really good you might get lucky (let us not define "lucky" for now...) so that a position is created on which you may compete; yet, this position may at times be created at the expense of deleting your old/current position. So you end up with a sort of Russian roulette. You may also see such a position created for a colleague, and reflect heavily on what would happen if you attempt to out-compete (and with good CV arguments) that colleague. You risk not only turning THEM into long-term enemies, but also turning the decision makers (head of department, etc) into the same. Predicaments in many ways. All, due to laws that HAPPEN to conserve a frozen, feudal system.

    1. Yep! Pretty much the same thing goes around here and we are a top 500. Not that I haven't taken advantage of it, I must confess, I like seeing it as ceasing the opportunity :)
      I think Academia needs a change but I'm reluctant to it. I definitely will wait for my employers to make the change and then I will follow it (not the other way around, I don't believe in revolutions), let us hope it doesn't affect my livelihood in the process!

    2. I agree, in that any change that is not organic (i.e., not stemming from the majority of the components of the system) is unlikely to be productive and sustainable. Likewise for any common goal.


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